18-20 October 2023
Theranostics Center
Europe/Warsaw timezone


Symposium on new trends in nuclear and medical physics is being organised by the combine efforts of Nuclear, Particle and medical physics departments of the Jagiellonian University,  Poland's oldest university, founded in 1364. The conference will be held in between October 18-20, 2023 in Krakow, Poland.
The conference will be held in person.
The main goal of the symposium is to bring together experts from different fields to share experiences in their respective areas of specialties. Especially for young scientists, this is a unique opportunity to participate in cognitive discussions and future perspectives on the new trends in the fields of nuclear, medical physics and radiobiology.
The scientific scope covers the following fields:
  • Preclinical and clinical imaging

  • New developments and innovations in PET imaging

  • Applications with Neutrons and Protons

  • Positronium as a probe in matter and anti-matter

  • Particle detection technologies, exotic atoms, and nuclei

  • Biological models in radiobiology



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